Horta Museum set to expand

Work on the expansion of the Brussels museum dedicated to the life and work of the architect Victor Horta is set to start at the beginning of next month. The work to expand the museum is being financed by Beliris, a Federal Government that helps to (co)finance projects that promote Brussels' role as Belgium's capital city. A neighbouring house has been purchased in which a new larger reception area will be housed.

The total cost of the projected is budgeted at 2.1 million euro.

The Horta Museum is housed in what was the late Victor Horta's home and workshop in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Gilles. Beliris hopes that the expansion of the museum will make it function better as well as providing a space where visitors can look at plans and other items from the museum's archives.

To this end, the neighbouring Hilst House has been purchased. Once the work has been completed in the spring of 2016, the Hilts House will house the Horta Museum's reception and provide office space for the museum's administrative team.