The Prime Minister and his 3 female Deputy PM's

The new Flemish government was installed on Friday morning. The team includes 8 ministers: 3 for the Flemish nationalists of N-VA, 3 for the Christian democrats of CD&V and 2 for the liberals of Open VLD. As the biggest party, the N-VA also has the new Flemish Prime Minister, Geert Bourgeois, in its ranks. The team boasts 4 newcomers: Liesbeth Homans, Ben Weyts, Annemie Turtelboom and Sven Gatz. Who are the new ministers, and who will be responsible for which area? Following is a list that can serve as a "who's who?".

N-VA: PM and 3 ministers

GEERT BOURGEOIS: Flemish PM, Foreign Policies, Tourism

LIESBETH HOMANS: Housing, Battle against Poverty, Domestic Affairs, Integration, Equal Rights and Opportunities, Social Economy and Deputy PM

BEN WEYTS: Mobility, Public Works, Flemish Area around Brussels (Vlaamse Rand), Animal Welfare

PHILIPPE MUYTERS: Employment, Economy, Science and Innovation, Sports

CD&V: 3 ministers

HILDE CREVITS: Education and Deputy PM

JO VANDEURZEN: Social Welfare/Health Policies

JOKE SCHAUVLIEGE: Environment, Town and Country Planning, Agriculture

Open VLD: 2 ministers

SVEN GATZ: Brussels, Culture, Media, Youth

ANNEMIE TURTELBOOM: Finance, Budget, Energy and Deputy PM