"Too many road accidents happen at night"

Alcohol, excessive speed and fatigue are deemed the main causes of road accidents taking place at night. 30 percent of all the road accidents happen at night, when motorists only make some 9 percent of their trips.

The number of road accidents taking place at night was 5 percent up on the year, with 201 people dying and 1,043 sustaining light or heavy injuries in 2013.

While the 3 main causes remain alcohol abuse, excessive speed and fatigue, infrastructure also plays an important role. A so-called night plan to save electricity was implemented in 2011. It meant that motorway lights were switched off in the middle of the night, except at intersections and in bad weather conditions. However, road markings had not been adapted accordingly. An extra effort has to be made to solve this problem.

Koen Peeters of the Belgian Road Safety Institute explains that at present, 80 percent of motorway markings is okay. The other 20 percent should be fixed by the end of the year. "The number of accidents involving night-time driving was down last year, but climbed again this year. We need to keep the focus on the problem." A clear call towards the new Flemish Mobility Minister, the N-VA's Ben Weyts.