Frej Jensen: Learning the language

In his regular blog, the Danish expat Frej Jensen writes a response to the new Flemish Government’s proposals to require (non-EU) newcomers to Flanders to take tests at the end of the integration courses they are required to take.

Beste Vlaamse regering,
Mijn naam is Frej. Ik ben Deens en ik heb voor de laatste 7 jaar in Brussels gewoond. België is mijn thuis. Ik heb Belgische en buitenlandse vrienden en vind mij wel geïntegreerd in onze rijke community. Ik begrijp en spreek de Nederlandse taal, maar ik hoop dat... as Fans of Flanders is an English-language platform, we can continue in that language.

Belgium (and by that Flanders) is in a unique situation. Due to its location and enrichment of the different organisations – like the EU, Nato and all the organisations associated – there is a huge influx of nationalities from all around the world.

Brussels and Belgium are the place to be if you want to make an impact (as great and small as you can imagine) on the society we all live in. Flanders also plays a great part in this. With its close proximity to Brussels and London, and being the de facto centre of the western European area, the society is also thereafter: diverse, rich on culture, inclusive and, in fact, trilingual (Dutch, French and English).

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