Union backs civil servants' concerns

The socialist trades union ACOD is to turn up the pressure to try and prevent 2,600 civil servants having to move from their current offices near to Brussels North railway station to a new location on the Thurn en Taxis site less than a kilometre away.

The union says that it will offer support to any civil servant taking legal action to try and block the move.

The civil servants object to the move as they claim that they fear for their safety and are afraid of being mugged en route to their new offices.

The union too says that the route between the station and Thurn en Taxis isn't safe. The union's Jan Van Wesemael told the VRT that "The civil servants say that their safety is no longer guaranteed, while this was the case when they were taken on by the Flemish authorities.

Then can take this to an employment court and we will give them our full support if they do so".

The 2,600 Flemish civil servants should move to their new offices in a couple of years.