Anne Zagré and Eline Berings in final

The Belgians Anne Zagré (top photo) and Eline Berings (bottom photo) will be defending our country’s colours in the final of the 100 metres hurdles at the European Athletics Championships in Zürich. Anne Zagré made it through with a time of 12.83 seconds and Eline Berings with a time of 12.95 in Tuesday evening’s semi-finals.

Elsewhere Philip Milanov was knocked out of the discus competition and Jan Van den Broeck’s time of 1 minute 52.09 seconds wasn’t good enough to see him progress in the men’s 800 metres.

Almensh Belete came 15th in the final of the women’s 10,000 metres with a time of 33 minutes 3.87 seconds.

Hanne Claes' time of 1 minute 0.20 seconds wasn't good enough to see her progress to the semi-final of the women's 400 metres hurdles.

However, Axelle Dauwens did make it through to the semi-finals with a time of 56.15 seconds. With a time of 14.33 seconds, Adrien Deghelt was unable to make to the final of the men's 110 hurdles.