Clinic identifies Flanders' loudest snorer

The loudest snorer of Flanders 2014 has been identified. The gentleman in question produces a snore of 89 db.

Each year the Antwerp snorers’ clinic invites members of the public to send in a recording of their snore. This year's winner didn't break the record for the loudest snore but with noise levels of 89 db the noise of his snore equals that produced by a large drill or even an F-16 fighter-jet going through the sound barrier.

A snore of that intensity can certainly be heard by neighbours and could result in a municipal nuisance fine.

This year's winner receives a special contraption that will ensure his pharynx remains open and his snoring problem is sorted.

The clinic says it organises its annual competition to open up the debate about snoring.

(Agency photo. The man in the photo is not Flanders' loudest snorer.  For obvious reasons the man's identity is not being publicised.)