Butler School moves to Antwerp castle to return to its roots

Belgium's School for Butlers and Hospitality is moving its training to the Den Brandt Castle in Antwerp. This was announced by Managing Director Vincent Vermeulen in a press release. "We want to show our students where this profession originated", explains Mr Vermeulen, adding that demand for butlers sees a steady increase, "but the demand for their skills even more."

As from September, the School for Butlers and Hospitality (photo: archive photo) moves its training to Castle Den Brandt in Antwerp, the press release starts.

"The four-week butler training starts in Brussels and ends in the decor of this beautiful 18th century castle. Our butlers will be trained in different environments. We keep training in Brussels where we have a contemporary setting that reflects the real life working conditions of the modern day butler. On the other hand, we want to show our students where this profession originated", says Vincent Vermeulen, the school's Managing Director.

"The castle has kept its authenticity and real butlers worked here. The original pantry, with vault for the silverware, and the discrete staff entrance are silent witnesses of that era. The beautiful garden is the icing on the cake."

Butlers: a big challenge

"The demand for butlers keeps growing, but the demand for their skills even more," adds Vincent Vermeulen. "Students don't always pursue a career as butler but they use the skills they learn in other positions or even set up their own business. The start of a career as a butler can be challenging but those who persevere may be working in the most beautiful places in the world."

The school has been operational for more than a year and starts a new training on 7 September. Students come from all corners of the world to obtain the certificate, Mr Vermeulen points out. "Students are now working in Belgium as well as in China. You can also get individual training such as etiquette lessons, personal coaching or nanny training."