New flight paths for Brussels Airport?

Brussels Airport has poured cold water on fresh proposals from the Belgian Mobility Secretary Catherine Fonck aimed at adapting the flight plans for Brussels Airport. The Belgian Government has until 1 November to come up with a solution.

On 31 July a Brussels Court annulled the existing flight plans.

One of Ms Fonck's proposals involves getting as many flights as possible to use runway 19 and fly over the Brussels orbital ring road and Ikea. Flight paths above densely populated areas in Brussels would only be used when extra capacity is needed. This proposal reduces the airport's capacity by half.

Another of Ms Fonck's proposals takes flights over the ring road at night, but over Ikea and along the Delta route during the day. The Delta route crosses densely populated areas and this option cuts the airport's capacity by 20%.

Brussels Airport says that the proposals are unacceptable because of the reductions in capacity. It stresses the employment the airport provides and its importance for overall economic development.

The airport points to alternatives put forward by the air traffic control agency Belgocontrol as well as the aviation authorities and says there is a need for a dialogue between politicians and aviation experts.