"Antwerpen-Centraal is the world's most beautiful station"

The news website "Mashable" has chosen Antwerp's Central Station "Antwerpen-Centraal" as the world's most attractive rail station. Antwerp beats, among others, London's Saint Pancras Railway Station and New York's Old City Hall Station. Another Belgian station, Liège Guillemins, just made it into the top-12.

Mashable is a British-American news website. "When travelling by rail, a beautiful station can turn a commute or a cross-country trip into a downright pleasant experience", Dennis Green writes. "Most people do not associate their public transportation with a work of art, but there are places across the globe that take you into another world before your train even leaves the station."

Antwerpen-Centraal has the honour to top the list, because of its sheer beauty, but also because the experience is so bewildering that experts can't really put it down to one architectural style. "This monstrous railway station features four separate levels of trains. Its beauty is so unique, experts have difficulty assigning it an architectural style", Mashable reports.

Antwerp beats Stockholm, Dubai, London and New York City. For the full article and more photos, click here.