15 new cycle super highways around Brussels

The Flemish Government is releasing funds to build fifteen new bicycle speedways in and around Brussels. The aim is to reduce radically the number of commuters who clog our highways in cars.

Flanders' brand new mobility minister Ben Weyts has announced that his new mobility plan will be implemented in phases. The Flemish Government is working together with the Province of Flemish Brabant and the Brussels Region to encourage people to switch from the car to the bike.

A new bridge for bikes will be built over the Brussels orbital ring road between Zaventem and Diegem. The cycle path along the canal route from Grimbergen over Vilvoorde to Halle will be improved as will the path along the high speed train route from Leuven to Brussels. A bike super highway will also be built linking Asse with Brussels.

A million people in Flemish Brabant commute each and every working day, but three-quarters still use the car. This figure should fall to two-thirds by 2020 as a result of investments in public transport and cycling paths.