Stromae: “Taking a break for three or four years”

Fans of the Brussels singer-turned-worldwide-phenomenon will probably be disappointed: Stromae is considering taking a break from the music industry for a couple of years. In an interview with Complex magazine, he said: “I just want to have a normal life again.”

Paul Van Haver, known to the general public as Stromae, has been very busy during the past two years. In a relatively short amount of time, the Brussels singer-songwriter has grown into a world-renowned pop star. His second album, titled ‘Racine Carrée’ sold around 2 million copies to date.

But success goes hand in hand with certain drawbacks, Stromae told the American magazine ‘Complex’: “The success of my second album was so overwhelming I will have to take some time out to rebuild a normal life. I’d like to take a break of three, maybe four years, before making another album.”

He added: “I fully understand that success can drive people mad.”