“Non-active Doel security agents not involved in sabotage”

Securitas, a Belgian security firm, denies the allegations that three of their agents were involved in the Doel sabotage. The claims, made in the 7 o’clock news broadcast on commercial broadcaster VTM, referred to three agents’ statuses being changed to non-active and it was speculated they could have been involved in the sabotage of nuclear reactor 4 at the Doel nuclear plant.

Securitas points out that people have jumped to the wrong conclusion in connection with the temporary rescheduling of the agents and that it had nothing to do with suspected involvement in the sabotage case. They have resumed work as normal on the same site and are not being investigated further.

On 5 August, one of Doel’s reactors was shut down due to an oil leak. At first, it was suspected to be a technical fault, but it was soon discovered that the tank containing lubricating oil had been opened. According to Electrabel, who manages the nuclear power plant, it was a deliberate act.

The investigation is ongoing.