Ten tons of pigeon droppings in Tienen city hall

The good people of Tienen are facing up to an unusual problem: the loft of the Tienen town hall is full to overflowing with tons of pigeon droppings.

For years the pigeons of Tienen have been given free rein in the loft of the town hall that dates from the 17th century and is the subject of a preservation order.

During this time ten tons of pigeon droppings have collected in the loft and this weight is placing a dangerous burden on the building.

City cabinet member Katrien Partyka says the weight of the droppings haven't damaged the building and that the structure is in fine condition: "There's never been any danger of a collapse" she told newsmen.

Still, local residents are pleased that refuse workers from nearby Leuven have taken upon themselves the task of clearing out the loft together with the pigeon droppings.

Katrien Partyka adds that if any repairs are needed subsidies will be forthcoming. First, though, the pigeon droppings need to be cleaned up and that could take some time. The three workers have been on the job all week now, but should have finished by Friday.