“Students are victims of the budget cuts”

In a video conference organised by the financial daily ‘De Tijd’, Leuven University rector Rik Torfs claimed that the students themselves will be the real victims of the planned budget cuts. “We’re not firing any staff, hence the students will suffer the consequences of the proposed budget cuts. The tuition fees will rise, even though we are certainly against doing so.”

Rik Torfs joined a video conference with the ‘De Tijd’-readers yesterday. The Leuven University rector concluded that whatever measures are taken, the students will always be the victims. “We could’ve decided on cutting down on student counselling, which would have negative effects on their school career. However, by raising the tuition fees, they will also feel the pinch.”

To get around raising the tuition fees, Rik Torfs is calling for a binding entry exam students should have to take before starting their preferred course. “When students start a degree they don’t or can’t finish, it costs a lot of money to society and the students.”