Jewish synagogue torched in Anderlecht

The Jewish synagogue in the Brussels borough of Anderlecht has been target of an arson attack. Fire-fighters called to the scene after fire broke out discovered that the fire had been lit in four different places.

Fire broke out a 5:40 am on the second floor of the building that houses this Jewish place of worship. The caretaker and her two children were present at the time and suffered smoke inhalation symptoms. They were led out of the building and received treatment elsewhere.

Fire-fighters easily had the blaze under control, but smoke damage is considerable. Signs fire accelerants were used were discovered. Fire was also set to several matrasses.

"Everything points to arson" said a fire service spokesman.

Police are investigating the matter.

Synagogue chair Jehuda Guttmann believes the attack was an instance of vandalism: "Everywhere there are vandals who damage shops and public property. Last night they thought it was a good idea to start here."