Kids 10% more expensive in 10 years

The cost of a child in Belgium has risen by an astronomic 20% over the past decade. The figure comes from Belgium's Family Association that argues in favour of linking child allowance to the retail price index.

In 2004 a child set you back at least 377 euros a month, but by this year this minimum outlay had ballooned to 460 euros. That's up 83 euros or over 20% in a decade.

The Family Association's Yves Coemans stresses that child allowance hasn't really gone up in four decades: "For some considerable time we've been arguing in favour of linking child allowance to parents' real spending power. We'd also like to see a thorough study that maps out the real costs of bringing up a child."

The minimum costs include all basic costs involved in bringing up a child including accommodation, food and clothing. Child care and education are not included.