Brussels to reform theoretical driving test

Soon those taking their theoretical driving exam in Brussels will be given a test that is adapted to driving in a big city. Up until recently responsibility for setting driving test was the responsibility of the federal authorities. However, since the latest round of state reforms this has passed to Belgium’s three regions.

Speaking in Friday’s edition of the daily ‘De Standaard’ the Brussels Regional Secretary of State responsible for road safety Bianca Debaets (Flemish Christian democrat) said that the new exam will test would-be drivers on the typical dangers encountered by motorists in a big city.

A new computer-driven test, in which would-be drivers will be placed in a virtual car, where they will be confronted with a number of road traffic situations that are typical to a big city like Brussels. The candidate will be asked to identify the danger.

Speaking on the Brussels local radio station FM Brussel, Ms Debaets (photo) told listeners that "The test is innovative in that it uses moving images that were film on the roads.”

"Everything is filmed from the driver’s perspective. The idea is that the candidate sees that a cyclist is coming out of a certain street, that there is a car overtaking somewhere or a bus is pulling away from its stop”, Ms Debaets added.

It is not yet clear how heavily the new module will weigh in the final theoretical exam result.