Gang of Nivelles: investigation to be extended

The new federal government is going to grant the detectives looking for the ‘Gang of Nivelles’ (De bende van Nijvel) ten more years to solve the notorious case. One of the concrete measures presented in the coalition agreement is the extension of the prescriptive period of the investigation.

The prescriptive period of the case was set to expire next year. The gang committed their crimes between 1982 and 1985. This would have meant that after 2015, no one could be prosecuted in relation to the crimes. The new government wants to extend the prescriptive period to 40 years.

The Gang of Nivelles carried out violent raids on supermarkets, restaurants and shops and was not afraid to kill anyone who got in their way. 28 people tragically lost their lives, 20 others were injured.

This is not the first time the investigation is extended, a similar motion was passed in 2000.