More fire-fighters die here than in neighbouring countries

A total of 23 firefighters have died while doing their job in Belgium during the past 10 years. The figures come from the Fire Service Association Flanders. The number of deaths in service of Belgian firefighter compares disfavorably with other European countries.

The number of deaths is much higher than in neighbouring countries.

For example, six times more fire-fighters have died in service over the past 10 year in Belgium than was the case in the Netherlands.
A lack of training is cited as a possible reason for the higher fatality rate here.

The first practical training courses only started here half way through the 1990’s. To this day, not all fire-fighter have been given practical training.

Nevertheless, progress is being made. For example, a new practical training course started recently for member of the fire service in the West Flemish municipality of Zedelgem.