State Department apologises to Gutman

The US State Department has apologised to the former US Ambassador to Belgium Horward Gutman. At the end of his mandate as Washington’s man in Brussels, he was accused of procuring the services of underage prostitutes in Brussel’s Warande Park.

However, these allegations turned out to be false.

The reports of the alleged soliciting originated from a leak at the US State Department. Although the record was put straight some time ago, the State Department has waited until now to officially apologise to Mr Gutman.

In a communiqué the State Department writes that
"The report by the Inspector-General clearly shows that there is no question of any inappropriate behaviour and the accusations were wrongly leaked. This can put right the hurt caused and close what has been a painful chapter for many”.

Mr Gutman says that he is relieved that the page has finally been turned. The former Ambassador clearly has a heart for Belgium. He told journalists that “We stay in Belgium about one week per month on business and to visit friends.”