“It’s our moral duty to act”

Several hundred people attended a meeting of the “Hart boven Hard” (Heart above hard) movement in Antwerp on Saturday afternoon. The movement that enjoys the support of the trades unions and numerous social and cultural associations opposes the Federal and Flemish Government’s austerity measures.

The movement believes that there is an alternative and that those in power should view society not purely in economic terms. Saturday afternoon’s meeting entitled “Hartslag” (heartbeat) gave those in attendance the chance to air their views and share ideas about the “planned austerity measures”.

Hart tegen Hard is keen to steer clear of party politics and although the leaders of the Flemish socialists, the Flemish Greens and the national leader of the far-left PVDA were in attendance none of them spoke at the meeting.

“It is our moral duty to resist if society is broken up or if society is polarised still further”, one speaker said.

"Let’s join together to wake up the world of politics and society as a whole, because it’s high time”, another participant said.