Belgians drive significantly more kilometres than the neighbours

The Belgian Transport Ministry has published fresh figures revealing how many kilometres were covered on Belgian roads last year. All told vehicles on Belgian roads covered a total of 83.1 billion kilometres. The figure is up 1% on the year. The Transport Ministry blames an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads for the rise.

The Transport Ministry's Thomas De Spiegelaere: "In 2012 we saw a slight fall in the number of kilometres covered, but the trend did not continue."

"The 2013 figure is above that for 2011. On average fewer kilometres are being covered by each vehicle, but the number of vehicles has again risen boosting the total."

The increase is noticeable in all regions.

DERV-fuelled vehicles are responsible for 78% of the kilometres driven.

The average Belgian drives 20% more kilometres than a Frenchman, 17% more than a Dutchman and 8% more than a German.