Electricity costs to rise in Flanders and fall in Brussels

The Flemish Electricity and Gas Market Regulator VREG says that from next month electricity bills in Flanders will rise by an average of 8.4%. Meanwhile, VREG’s counterpart in the Brussels Capital Region Brugel says that consumers in Brussels can expect to pay 6% less for their electricity from the beginning of next year.

Gas is set to become cheaper in both Flanders and Brussels, with gas prices set to fall by 3.06% in Flanders and 8% in Brussels.

The price rise in Flanders has come about as a result of an increased distribution charges that make up around 40% of the total energy bill. There are big difference is the level of price increase according to which company is responsible for energy distribution.

Imewo that serves parts of East and West Flanders will be reducing its distribution charges the most, while Sibelgas that serves parts of Flemish Brabant and Ores that serves the Limburg municipality of Voeren will increase their distribution charges the most.

In Brussels Brugel reached agreement with Sibelga to reduce its distribution charges next year with a small rise being envisaged in 2016.

The rise in distribution charges in many areas of Flanders has come about as a result of costs incurred by the distribution companies when they were obliged to purchase large numbers of green energy certificates.


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