Belgian Fulbright YouTube channel: world's most popular!

Do you want to study in the United States? Well, then a visit to the YouTube channel of the Fulbright Commission in Belgium and Luxembourg is a good place to start.

The Fulbright Commission offers scholarships for people to study in the US and for Americans to study overseas. Fulbright has offices or 'commissions' in most countries and often they operate a YouTube channel with videos and interviews packed with information about studying in the US.

The Fulbright Belgium channel presently offers nearly 600 videos. Here you can hear from officials from various US colleges and universities. There are also tips from students who have already been to the US as well as information that may be helpful in drafting your own application for a Fulbright scholarship. Videos are also targeted at Americans studying in Belgium and abroad.

Across the globe there are some 150 different Fulbright channels on YouTube, but with over 650,000 views the Belgian channel is the most popular, more popular even than the channel based in Washington.

Erica Lutes of the Fulbright Commission in Belgium and Luxembourg: "A quarter of our viewers are based in Belgium, but a further quarter comes from China. India too is responsible for considerable traffic on our YouTube channel as is the United States itself."

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