VAT hike on downloads in Belgium

Starting 1 January a higher rate of the sales tax VAT will have to be paid on all forms of e-commerce. VAT will have to be forked out in the country where downloads occur. In practice this means a higher Belgian rate of Value Added Tax will be charged.
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Until now the tax was due in the country where the provider is located. For Belgium this was more often than not Luxembourg where a sales tax of 15% is due.

Starting 1 January VAT on downloads of apps, games, music, e-books, films and software will be due in Belgium. The higher charges are the result of a European Union decision that aims at tackling unfair competition between EU states. So far most websites have decided to pass on the increase to the consumer.

On 1 January Belgium is increasing VAT levels on e-commerce and plastic surgery. Rates on home renovations are being lowered.