Police promise 'Week without Fines'

Belgium's police trades unions have launched a week without fines. Belgian police will not be drawing up reports for minor offences. The unions are protesting against failure to make any headway in talks on a new retirement settlement for officers.
Nicolas Maeterlinck

Earlier a ruling by Belgium's Constitutional Court opened the way for an increase in the retirement age for all officers to 62-years of age. In the past some officers could retire as early as 56.

Vincent Houssin of the liberal police union: "The action is underway. We informed officers a while ago. No police reports will be drawn up for minor offences. No parking fines will be issued or fines for failing to belt up. The protest will not affect offences like drink-driving."

It's the second time in three months that the unions launch a Fine-free Week.

Vincent Houssin: “The last one was a big success. In some districts not a single police report was drawn up for minor offences. We estimate it cost the state nearly a million euros in lost earnings."

"We've been making little progress in talks on a retirement settlement. We are now exerting extra pressure."

After this week the police unions will pause their protest, but further work-to-rules are possible during the rush-hour at the end of January.