Mind how you go!

The Flemish Roads Agency is urging drivers to be careful and to adapt their driving to the hazardous conditions on our roads. People taking to the roads today Sunday should watch out for black ice and meltwater that has made road surfaces particularly slippery and dangerous in places.

The Roads Agency says that it’s particularly on motorway slip roads that you need to watch out. Fast lanes too may be hazardous.

All night the gritting services have been out and about putting road salt on the roads. In all over 1,700 tons of road salt went on Flemish roads last night. The gritting services remains on stand-by and are monitoring the situation on the roads. Gritters will be dispatched when and if necessary.

Today's travel advice follows on from similar advice on Saturday when federal traffic police urged people only to make essential journeys.

In the course of Saturday night snowfall was reported from central parts with Antwerp Province, East Flanders, the two Brabants and Hainault all affected. In some parts snowfall of several centimetres was recorded. The snow failed to melt as a result of the freezing temperatures.

In the seaside resort of Ostend police stopped all traffic along the seafront last night after strong winds heaped up sand on the road. Eight kilometres of road between Ostend and Middelkerke was closed to all traffic though the coastal tram did manage to beat the elements and stayed on course.

In the High Fens in eastern Belgium snow levels have topped 15cm.