Paris international conference on terrorism underway

An international conference on terrorism got under way in the French capital Paris on Sunday morning. 11 European Interior Ministers and the American Justice Minister Eric Holder are present at the conference. Speaking ahead of the conference the Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) said that he would be making proposals that would optimise the exchange of information between the various national security services.

The conference has come ahead of a march to show solidarity with the victims of the Paris terror attacks. More than 1 million people are expected to attend the march that gets under way at 3pm.

Speaking on Sunday morning, the Interior Minister Jan Jambon said "I find it shocking that the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris were on the US and UK security services’ terrorism suspect lists but not on the French security services”.

"We are going to look at which counter-terrorism measures are being taken by each country. There are a number of points where there is room for improvement”, Mr Jambon added.

"There must be other information that is on one security service’s list, but not on another’s” Mr Jambon concluded by saying that he intends to propose changes that will facilitate the international exchange of information between the various national security services “because terrorism knows no borders”.