"Belgium poorly prepared for nuclear accident"

The environment organisation Greenpeace has concluded that Belgium is insufficiently prepared for a nuclear accident. Greenpeace looked at incidents that had already taken place in Belgium and on our borders.

Greenpeace wants Belgium to take account of a "worst case scenario".

Belgium does possess emergency planning that will be implemented in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. However, Greenpeace argues that no lessons have been drawn from the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan. It argues that Belgian plans are too limited and would not protect the people of Belgium in the event of a serious incident.

French academic David Boilley says that the areas covered by the emergency plans are too small and should be extended to cover the entire country. There are no preparations for the evacuation of Antwerp, Liege or Namur, cities within a 30 km radius of nuclear plants.

Greenpeace says that Fukushima shows that only plans that take account of a worst case scenario are meaningful. The emergency services and victims must know beforehand what they are supposed to do. In Belgium where plans only take account of a limited accident with low levels of radioactive contamination this is not the case.