All Belgium's sights on Google Street View

Google has added new Belgian pictures to its Street View application. In future many Belgian sights can now also be visited on the net. The new additions include Hertoginnedal Castle and the Citadel of Dinant.

For street level pictures the internet giant employed its Google street car, but for places that are more difficult to reach it employs the Street View Trekker - this is a backpack with a 360° camera - or the Street View Trolley, a push cart equipped with camera.

As a result of these two new applications many Belgian sights can be viewed in 360° across the globe.

The sights from top to bottom: the citadel and Charles de Gaulle Bridge in Dinant, the ruins of Montaigle Castle, the interior of the Walloon Parliament, Hertoginnedal Castle, the ruins of the Priory of Grobbendonk, the Mardasson Memorial Peace Forest, both in Bastogne.