Luc Tuymans convicted of plagiarism for painting a photo

A judge in Antwerp has convicted renowned Belgian artist Luc Tuymans of plagiarism after he copied a photograph in one of his paintings. Photograph and painting show the Belgian politician Jean-Marie Dedecker.

The artist was fined a half a million euros. Luc Tuymans was taken to court by photographer Katrijn Van Giel because he painted a picture based on a photograph that she had taken.

Mr Tuymans argued that his work was a parody, but the judge disagreed leading to the conviction.

Ms Van Giel's lawyer, Dieter Delarue, says that for a work to be a parody two conditions have to be met: first of all there should be important differences to the work that is the subject of the parody and secondly, the parody should include an element of humour. Clearly, the judge felt that these conditions were not met.

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