Too many Flemings are chucking rolls down the loo

Aquafin, the company that manages the Flemish sewerage and water purification system, is fed up. Too many Flemings are getting rid of toilet rolls and sanitary towels by flushing them down the loo. The water purifier wants the legislator to decide what you can and what you can't chuck down the loo.

Some toilet rolls are biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet without any problem, but non-biodegradable rolls as well as sanitary towels and nappies/diapers can cause many problems further down the system.

Many producers claim that their products are biodegradable, but this is not always the case. Aquafin's Sabine Schellens: "Not every biodegradable roll or towel will break down in water."

Rolls and remains of diapers that do not completely dissolve can clog the propellers and end up blocking the pumps. Cleaning the pumps costs the community an awful lot of money.

Aquafin is now suggesting laying down by law what you can throw into your WC. Aquafin's Sabine Schellens:"We are examining the conditions a product must meet in order to be degradable. The results of our investigation can then be used to table legislation. The law should also say which products may and may not display the biodegradable logo."