We're paying more fines than ever!

In 2014 people in Belgium paid out 415 million euros in fines. It's the largest amount ever in the kingdom, but analysts say that the record says more about the authorities' eagerness to collect fines than about our driving.

The big surge in the amount being paid in fines is the result of far more stringent checks being carried out in Belgium. There are more checks, more speed cameras and more special operations. The taxman is determined to connect every euro owing and the fines have also gone up, dailies of the Mediahuis group report.

The motoring association Touring warns against putting up the cost of fines further, a measure contained in the coalition accord. Touring's Danny Smagghe fears that putting up the fines would create the impression that the government is just after money. He insists that higher fines do not increase traffic safety: "They give drivers the impression that all this has nothing at all to do with traffic safety."