From "ordinary plumber" to "famous Belgian"

Fans of Flanders brings us a portrait of Navid Sharifi, who was expelled from Belgium last year because he lacked the necessary paperwork to stay here, despite being perfectly integrated. Sharifi finally managed to return to Belgium. Fans of Flanders followed him at his first day at work back in Belgium.

Navid Sharifi comes from Afghanistan and worked as a plumber in West Flanders. He tells the story about how he came here, and how he was expelled. "It was unfair what happened to me", he says, pointing to the fact that he spoke a Belgian language and that he had work and paid taxes. His case made the headlines in the Belgian press.

It was love that allowed him to return to Belgium. "My wife, my former girlfriend, arranged an invitation for me to return to Belgium in a legal way. I will become a good plumber here, and maybe become a chef!"

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