“Beware of killer Ecstasy pills”

The Scientific Institute for Public Heath has issued a warning about Ecstasy pills that contain an extremely high dose of PMMA. The pink shield shaped tablets with a Superman logo have been seen in various Western European countries, including Belgium.
© Newsteam / SWNS.com

The pills were found in The Netherlands in December and this week they turned up in the Spanish capital Madrid. The pills have also been in circulation in the UK where four people have died after using them.

The pills contain an extremely high dose of PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate). They look almost the same as Ecstasy pills containing the far less toxic MDMA. As both tablets look almost identical, Ecstasy users have been warned to be on their guard.

Delayed effects

The big dangers with pills containing PMMA is that they take longer to kick in than pills containing MDMA. Consequently users take more pills.

Hours after have been ingested, the pills can causes serious medical issues such as accelerated heart rate and an extremely high body temperature.

This can often prove fatal. All drug clinics, toxicology labs, medical services and pathologists have been alerted about the killer drugs.