Nine dead on Belgian rail tracks in 2014

Belgium's rail track company Infrabel has worked out that people wandering onto the tracks are responsible for train delays of three hours each and every day. In all over 62,000 minutes were lost because of people crossing where it's not allowed or walking along or beside Belgian rail tracks.

Last year 509 incidents were reported. This is more than in 2013 (477) and 2012 (478).

Walking along rail tracks is also incredibly stupid and dangerous. Last year nine people were killed. The figure does not include people who committed suicide.

Walking on or along a rail track is an offence under Belgian law. In order to discourage the practice, address delays and save lives the rail track operator has also installed so called 'stumbling mats' at scores of level crossings across Belgium. The mats make it very difficult to cross where it's not allowed. Infrabel has also made an effort to enclose certain stretches of track. Schools in the vicinity of rail lines also receive information packages.