Le Monde: "Close the border with Belgium"

In its more frivolous supplement the otherwise very lofty French publication Le Monde pokes fun with our queen's vestments worn at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Queen Mathilde met with the world's movers and shakers in a top that displayed a leopard motive.

Le Monde headlined "Fauve qui peut!", a pun on the expression "sauve qui peut", which means something like "save yourself if you can" - an expression that you might think more appropriately directed at the people of France for other reasons, but anyway. "Fauve" is apparently "a wild animal" and now you get journalist Marc Beaugé's joke.

Marc Beaugé continues: "Should we fear Belgium? No matter how much we love this small country, we must raise this question. The facts are serious." It's not immediately clear who the 'we' refers to. Maybe we should point out to M Beaugé that Belgium is "small" and arguably also quaint as a result of several French land grabs.

But let's not get distracted and return to Queen Mathilde. The Gallic publication speaks of a "spectacular apparition" that contrasts markedly with the togs worn by other celebs at Davos. The daily then goes on to reminisce about times when African royals wrapped themselves in similar clobber.

Marc Beaugé then goes on to suggest that France should close the border with Belgium. "We won't have as much fun but we will feel safer!"  Go ahead, if you must, M Beaugé!