Salon des Femmes: a normal hairdresser's, but different

Mumna El Barrahmuni, a Moroccan-born hairdresser with a heart of gold, is this week's Special Guest in Fans of Flanders. She is actually more than just a regular hairdresser: her small business in Brussels receives women that are not so well off and who actually can't afford to go to a hairdresser. In the meantime, she gives their self-confidence a boost.

"I don't work for big chains. I'm too talkative for that", explains Mumna El Barrahmuni. At Salon des Femmes, she does more than just give her clients a hair makeover: she is always in for a good chat to give her customers a confidence boost. "Society nowadays focuses on the physical aspect. But there's so much more to a person. Women suffer more from this than men." To watch the complete report on Fans of Flanders, click on the video below: