Belgium sells seized goods on eBay

The Belgian Finance Ministry has decided to use the popular auction website eBay to sell goods that have been seized by the Belgian authorities. The move comes as Belgium tries to reach a larger market for its goods.

The Belgian Finance Ministry has the job of selling goods that are seized in the country. The revenue generated in this way is put to good use and is employed to pay off the Belgian national debt.

It's not only seized goods - often the profits of crime - that will in future feature on eBay. Estates for which there is no known heir and old cars and office equipment may now also find their way onto this website.

Spokesman Francis Adyns: "We're also charged with getting rid of parcels that are never collected from the post office or valuables left on trains and buses. Until now we had three sales channels: public auctions organised in the provinces, our Fin Shop in Haren and our Fin website."

eBay is now being added to these three channels and its use will be evaluated in six months’ time.