Shops open till 10PM? What do you think?

The governing Flemish liberals have suggested allowing shopkeepers to stay open until 10PM. The proposal has met with a big thumbs down from Belgium’s other political parties, but flandersnews readers broadly welcome the idea.

Joseph Carr wrote on our facebook page: “It's time Belgium caught up with the rest of the world and allowed shops to open and close when they like.”

Soukaina Onghena added: “Yes indeed, that will bring extra jobs and income, turn over! It's all over the world like that. Switch off that TV!”

Georgiana Cobzaru writes: “That's a nice proposal. I do hope they implement it!”

Alia Grech is clearly in favour: “And about bloody time!!! It’s like this in most European countries; don't see why it shouldn't be the same here!”

Chalee Bee Ng says: “Finally. Arriving from Asia many years ago, I was shocked how early the shops here closed. Not even to mention there's almost nothing to do on Sundays. Boringggg...”

It’s a view shared by Omar Abdel Khalik: “Yes please! Because it's so boring, specially in the summer to see shops are closed!”