De Wever on skiing holiday with police protection

The leader of the biggest political block in Belgium, Bart De Wever of the Flemish nationalist N-VA, will receive extra protection on a skiing holiday to Switzerland. The decision comes after De Wever, who also acts as Antwerp Burgomaster, received various death threats in recent months and weeks.

It was a last-minute decision according to press reports. Several armed police officers will accompany Bart De Wever on his holiday. "I didn't ask for this, I have to undergo this", De Wever was quoted as saying. "I will have to accept the fact that there will a police officer skiing in front of me and one behind me. This spoils my holiday, to a certain extent."

The terror alert for Bart De Wever in particular remains at 3, the Home Office confirmed after press reports suggested it had been lifted to 4. It has not been officially confirmed how many policemen will accompany De Wever and his family. Reports talking about 10 policemen are said to be exaggerated.