The average Fleming works longer

The retirement age of Flemish blue and white collar workers had increased to 59.6 years, coming from 58.3 years on average. This was revealed by research conducted by a Leuven office specialised in Employment and the Social Economy, 'Leuvense Steunpunt Werk en Sociale Economie'.

The average retirement age was 58.3 years at the turn of the century. It had climbed to 59.6 years by 2013. If the same trend continues, the symbolic landmark of 60 years will be passed in 2017.

Researchers say that although this may sound like good news, it is still a modest score from a European perspective. The Leuven office calculated how many years a 50-year-old employee will still be in work. This number was set at 8 years in 2012, which is well below the European average of 10.1 years.

All Belgium's neighbouring countries boast a better score. Scandinavia has the best results, with the average Swedish employee facing another 13-year spell in work at the age of 50. The Belgian government has taken different measures to keep Belgians longer in work, to keep the pension system affordable in a society where people are living longer.

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