"The blog just blew up! I didn't know it was going to be so big!"

Dalila Hermans, a woman with Rwandan roots who lives in Belgium, has put the issue of racism on the agenda. She wrote a blog on the subject, which triggered a massive number of reactions. Our colleagues of Fans of Flanders had an interview with her. "I love the fact that it started a conversation. Even politicians are talking about it!"

Discover the lady behind the blog! Dalila first tells about how she grew up in Belgium, and how life was confusing at first as she actually had two mothers.

She was confronted with racism "in a society where racism seems to have gone, as long as you are not confronted with it." But then she ended up right in the middle of it. "People would always say: don't let it get you down! But they wouldn't tell you to stand up and to fight for yourself. This is something I will tell my kids, to stand up for themselves!" (click below to start the video!)