Thieves using new MO to steel cars in Belgium

New technology means that it's getting harder and harder to steal a car and this is showing in the figures. Fewer and fewer cars are being reported stolen.

Figures from motoring association Touring show that 10,861 cars were stolen in Belgium in 2013. Eight years earlier the figure was 17,940.

Touring acknowledges that new technology is giving car owners a helping hand, but warns against new methods also being employed by car thieves to steel cars without inflicting any damage.

Touring warns that thieves are also stealing car papers. They then proceed to use these to comply with formalities abroad and get new car registration documents. These documents are then employed to order new keys from the car dealers. All the thieves then have to do, is return to Belgium and steal the car using the new keys.

Only between 25% and 40% of stolen cars are ever returned to their rightful owners in Belgium.