Belgium suspends Uganda aid

The Belgian International development Minister Alexander De Croo has suspended 11 million euros' worth of aid for Uganda. The move comes after it emerged that Uganda reportedly wants to send 300 Ugandan health workers to Trinidad and Tobago in return for help to cash in on Ugandan oil reserves.

The Caribbean nation possesses considerable know-how in the field of oil extraction.

Belgian development aid to Uganda totals 128 million euros during the period 2009-2016. 16 million euros is set aside for Uganda's struggling health sector.

Alexander De Croo: "Dispatching Ugandan health workers would signify a serious weakening of the Ugandan health care system. Despite important efforts by donors including Belgium Uganda continues to struggle with a shortage of medical staff. In Uganda there is one doctor per 15,000 head of population, while the WHO suggests one doctor per 1,500 people should be the norm."

The Belgian embassy in Kampala will advise Mr De Croo before he decides whether or not to release the cash or find a new destination for it.