"I am not afraid of the one-way ticket"

Meet Brad Moore, this week's Special Guest in Fans of Flanders. Moore is an American actor who has been living in Antwerp for some years now. He hopes to join a mission to Mars, called Mars One that wants to start a new civilisation on the Red Planet.

Over 200,000 people applied, but this number is now down to 100, including Brad Moore. The so-called Mars 100 has 50 man and 50 women. Their number will see a further reduction to 24, but Brad is confident. "If I make it to the 24, chances are pretty good that I will go to Mars. I believe that am this person." 

Our colleagues of Fans of Flanders visited him to hear about his story (click on the video below to watch).  "Why wouldn't I do it? I have not yet found a good reason not to do it." Unless... Brad would meet someone and want to start a family.