"Wij overdrijven niet" or "we are not exaggerating!" was the hashtag used in recent discussions about sexual harassment. Fans of Flanders had expat Fiona Klomp, who had some bad experiences herself, write a blog on the matter. "We know the difference between an appreciative wolf whistle and a situation that has the potential to escalate into the stuff of nightmares." This is Fiona's report.

"You may have seen the hashtag pass by on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you've spotted the story making headlines in the press. It's become a trending topic on many a blog. But just to catch you up: the discussion started when blogger Yasmine Schillebeeckx wrote a post called My name is not 'hey sexy', which was republished in De Morgen as an opinion piece for International Women's Day.

Columnist Marc Didden's response was anything but mild, leading to an enormous backlash (pro and con) which has opened up the debate regarding what exactly constitutes sexual harassment.

Stories of women who have been intimidated, ogled, groped and backed into corners, for no apparent reason other than that some guy decided it would be good fun to assert his masculinity, are flooding the interweb, and boy do they ring a bell!

These are the things you've come to accept as part of life. The stuff you push back into the furthest reaches of your mind. These are the things you don't tell your mum about because you feel ashamed and embarrassed...

I am 7: My friend and I are cycling near her home in the countryside. Four boys of around 13 close in on us, make leery jokes we don't understand, try to cut us off and stick to our wheels: one in front, two next to us and one behind us.(...)"

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