Transport staff walk out to protest against the cuts

A protest against government austerity is causing disruption across the MIVB's local public transport network in Brussels today. Fewer metros, buses and trams are running.

After Sunday's Grand Parade against government austerity today it is the turn of the trades unions to press their point and demonstrate against cuts imposed by Prime Minister Charles Michel's federal government.

Some staff at the Brussels local transport company are joining the demo and this has led to fewer services. Early this morning only one metro out of two was running. Depending on the line one in two or possibly one in three trams were operating too. Bus services may be affected also.

The demonstration is set to start from the Luxemburgplein at 11AM and arrive at the Vrijheidsplein at 12:30PM.

The transport company is providing the latest information via its website and on social media.

Services of the Flemish public transport company De Lijn in Flemish Brabant should not be affected by the walk out.