2.8 million commuters in Belgium

Some 2,799,000 people living in Belgium commute to work every day. This is around 65% of the total working population here. However, there are big differences between the provinces. For example, almost half the working population of Walloon Brabant works in another province, while just 15% of West Flemings work outside their home province.

The figures come from the 2011 census, the first census that was carried out by the Federal Economy Department’s Directorate-General for Statics.

2% (92,300) of the working population of Belgium works abroad. Most of these work in the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg and to a less extent France.

In Messancy and Aubange in the south of Luxembourg province, 60% of those in work work abroad (mainly in Luxembourg). In Flanders the highest % of those working abroad is to be found in Baarle-Hertog a group of Belgian enclaves inside the Netherlands. There 44% of those working work abroad.

The highest percentages of those working in their own municipality are to be found in the cities: Bruges (63%), Antwerp (62%) and Ghent (60%).